My offer

1 Session
75,00 €

incl. VAT, according to § 19 UStG (small business status) no VAT statement

1 Psychological Online Counseling via Video/Audio/Chat ~50min per session

Feel free to contact me for booking a "Online Counseling Session"

Further information on the technical and content-related conditions:

My online counseling sessions offer you the opportunity to work on a topic of your choice.

The one-on-one Online Counseling takes place via an online video call tool, which will be communicated to you. After we have made an appointment, you will receive an invitation from us by e-mail, which you can use to simply enter your personal waiting area for the online consultation.

If you get sick, special arrangements are of course possible.

The videos are provided via Vimeo. We have chosen Vimeo because you can watch your course videos there completely ad-free and undisturbed. Your focus should be solely on the program content.

In general, you don’t need any special prior knowledge. The processes of our products and consultations are self-explanatory and you will be guided through all the steps.

The technical requirements are an internet connection that allows video/audio communication and, of course, a laptop, PC, or smartphone with which you can access our content.

Our products and counseling sessions are not therapy for diagnosed physical or mental illnesses.

If we determine that you have a mental or physical illness that requires medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, we see it as our responsibility to refer you to the appropriate professionally trained specialist (e.g. psychological psychotherapist or medical practitioner).

If you have a diagnosed mental or physical illness, we recommend that you check with your psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or doctor to make sure that your treatment is compatible with our products and services. In principle, you should first pay particular attention to your current therapy so that you don’t overwhelm yourself and your resources.

Our programs, courses, and counseling sessions are GDPR-compliant.

The transparency of our programs, packages, and services is particularly important to us, which is why you won’t find any hidden prices or unreasonable promises. We have researched and produced our content to the best of our knowledge and conscience.