Anna Seger

My wish . . .

. . . to use my psychological knowledge to help other people achieve their desired vitality increasingly became stronger. That is why I founded „GainVitality“ in 2019.

3 things that make me happy

Riding my bike singing

Dancing around crazily

Being in nature

My most important






My Philosophy . . .


Vitality stands for physical and mental fitness. As both physical and mental fitness are the cornerstones of well-being and health, it is not enough to focus on just one of the two aspects. Body and mind are constantly communicating with and influencing each other. In line with the name "GainVitality", I take a holistic perspective on people and their environment.


More and more people are suffering from the consequences of stress. The term burnout is well-known nowadays. In today's world, it is important to know and use the preventive possibilities for reducing stress. Starting points for coping with stress are the stressor itself, the cognitive evaluation of the stressor, and techniques for successful relaxation.

Personal development

If you only work on your outer appearance, you forget the most important things. Habitual thought patterns, feelings, and attitudes regularly cause dissatisfaction and bad moods within us. Thoughts are the cause of everything created by humans and therefore affect our feelings, our environment, our property, and our goals, among other things. If we change our way of thinking, our feelings, our behavior, and the results of our actions will also change. By finding out who we really are and what makes us happy, we close the gap between our inner and outer selves and increase our life satisfaction.

Books that inspired me ...

The Four Agreements
A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
Don Miguel Ruiz
The Charge
Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive
Brendon Burchard
The Cafe on the Edge of the World
A Story About the Meaning of Life
John Strelecky


With Anna, I associate: empathy, inner peace, balance, and a high degree of psychological professionalism!
As part of the psychological management team at, she successfully supported people in crisis. She combines human competence and professional experience to move and accompany people on their development journeys via digital formats – a huge enrichment for every team and every individual development process!

Anna was responsible for the psychological diagnostics at the Median Clinic Odenwald. When interacting with patients, she showed a great sense of empathy and clarity in her behavior. Due to her remarkable ability to self-reflect and her high level of reliability and diligence, it was easy for us to entrust her with the management of the test diagnostics.

A professional appearance, a high level of motivation, and in-depth expertise – these are the characteristics that defined Anna and her work at cosee. As a Scrum Master, she accompanied her team and supported our employees in reflecting on themselves and their work, as well as developing their solutions to problems and conflicts. She was always empathetic when dealing with her team.