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Stressmanagement und Psychologische Online Beratung: Anna steht vor einem Flipchart und hält einen Vortrag, zum Thema Stressmanagement. Auf dem Flipchart sieht man einen Kopf mit wirren Gedanken, die man ordnen sollte.

Three advantages of my Psychological Online Counseling

In the comfort of your own home

The Psychological Online Counseling takes place online via chat or video/audio call. You don't have to travel and can discuss your personal issues in a familiar atmosphere.

Appointments at short notice

It is important to me to be there for you and your concerns quickly. If you wish, our first session can take place within a week of booking.

Free first session

It is important to me that you have the opportunity to get to know me before your first booking and find out whether you would like to continue working with me. The free first counseling takes place via chat or video/audio call.

Choose the most suitable way of Psychological Online Counseling for yourself

Counseling via video call

The Psychological Online Counseling via video call is similar to an on-site session. We can see each other during the entire conversation and it almost feels as if we are actually sitting in the same room. However, the advantage of being independent of location and saving traveling time remains!

Counseling via chat

Many people find it easier to write about their concerns instead of speaking them out loud. The Psychological Online Counseling via chat also takes place in real time and a counseling session lasts ~50 minutes. This form of counseling is also suitable for people with hearing and/or speech impairments.

Counseling via audio call

The Psychological Online Counseling via audio call is the same as a telephone call. We can talk to each other but do not see each other.

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